Details Why

I was belittled by typical Anti-Semites who think Nazis are on the left when they are really on the extreme right. It is a shame that a majority of Republicans are ignorant or hiding their Antisemitism through transference and confabulating stories like the Nazis did against the Liberal Left, the Communists, the Jews, and the Gypsies. Not one single Right Wing was found in the Concentration Camps. 


The Jews who joined the resistance were Zionists. Zionists are liberal, not right wing. Even in the state of Israel today there is a Zionist movement and it is Liberal.

This is my reason for changing party's. If you don't like it, there is a button on LinkedIn and Facebook that blocks me. I am not holding a gun up to your head staying connected to me.

History Leading Up To The Change!


I was getting nasty comments because I left the Republican Party. I left for personal reasons. One of the most outstanding reasons was being called  derogatory names about my religion. I was invited to PORK "dinners" and they refused to provide me with food I could eat, since the eating of Pork is against Jewish Law. I was invited to meetings on my Sabbath and when I asked to reschedule to a day during the week for a Coffee and Cake Meeting, I was told "You Jews sure want a lot of crap! NO that is the day, break your Sabbath." I was discriminated against because I am Jewish. The Republican "Good Christians" tried to convert me, called me names because I am Jewish such as a Communist, a Liberal (I'm middle of the road) and a traitor because I won't take their precious "JC" in my heart.

Then they called me a supporter of the left Nazis. That was the last straw. The Nazi Party is on the Right, not the Left. In fact, Nazis are the extreme right. Communists and Nazis do not get along. History teaches you the people the Nazis went after were the Jews, the Communists, the Left, and the Gypsy's. Saying that Nazis are on the left is a lie.


There are people on both sides who are against Jews and Israel. But the Republicans love to hide it and call the press FAKE NEWS. Douglas Hunter and Dennis Ross both US House Representatives who signed and presented a letter to give both reaper and predator drones with hell fire missiles to Jordan. Jordan in May of 2017 pledged an allegiance to ISIS. Jordan's intention was to give those drones to ISIS so that ISIS could use those drones against Israel, Europe, and America. Yet these "Good Christians" stood in front of the Jewish Communities claiming they stand with Israel and in front of Americans and pledged to protect America from foreign country attacks but wanted these hellfire missiles given to Jordan.

I am sure there are many others, such as Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's son when he was 15, tweeted slew of racist and homophobic comments. Those comments are learned in the home and Flake is a Republican.

I was on the Eligibility cases against Obama because I felt he was not Eligible. According to the Constitution of the USA both parents must be American Citizens. This way there is no allegiance to another country. Since it was recently proven in the Vital Statistic's of the United Kingdom where they found a record that Obama was born in Kenya and allowed to be President, I can run for President even though I have dual citizenship like Obama has to the Kenya and the UK. I have a dual citizenship with Israel. But there is one difference, I was born in Philadelphia to 2 Americans born in America who had dual citizenship to Israel and I won't lie about it.


I live in Clermont Florida The Republicans run this small city. A Synagogue wanted to open, the Zoning was refused but in the same location they allowed Zoning for a Church. And I was told there is no antisemitism in the Republican Party. That is total BS. This is one of many reasons why I became a Democrat.


What The Republicans Want

The Republicans Leaders want to keep you poor and ignorant. Ever notice when a Republicans enters office who was voted in as a Middle Class Candidate they leave office as Billionaires with major connections to big Corporations such as Disney? Disney gives these Florida Republican Leaders millions of dollars to keep the average workers at the most minimum wage they can get way with. The Republicans also eliminated heat strokes from Worker's Compensation so the Tourist Industry does not have to pay Employee Workers Compensation, rehabilitation, and medical care. Instead they just fire you since you can no longer work.

The Republicans think $199.00 a month is too much for food with people who are disabled, who are children, who are elderly, and who are homeless and on SSDI. Meanwhile, their salaries go up with the cost of living increase. This is why there are riots. People are stealing food to feed their children. The homeless commit crimes to have a roof over their heads. The Republicans are doing this. 

I disagree with these so called "Good Christians" who want to see abortion end and children drop dead in the streets from starvation and no shelters or their parents are taken to the hospital and die. This is not the 1700's to the 1940's when this actually happened in America. This is  the 21st century! What we will see if we allow the Republicans to run America is the repeat of Orphan Annie where the children were beaten and forced to do slave labor in Orphanages. Daddy Warbucks is a fictional character. Disney treats their worker as slaves preparing them for a chapter in Atlas Shrugged.

It makes us ask, who is John Galt or who watches the Watchman.