1950 T0 1956

I was always running. Maybe not for office at the age of 19 months but that was my beginning. I can say that I was not raised with a silver spoon in my mouth but a stainless steal one as everyone assumes. When I was 3 years old, my family bought the first window air conditioners and our entire family would sleep, eat, and relax in the living room. We would drag in the mattresses and lay them on the floor. It was a camp out in the living room all hot summer in Philadelphia, PA. I can remember how hot Philadelphia was even hotter than Florida.


When I was 4 years old, my father came home with a round TV that was 10 inches wide and we thought we were millionaires. Watching the Lucky Stripes shows with the Lucky Stripe Girl, my middle brother fell in love with her and he would kiss the TV when she was on. My brother Mendy was 2 years older than I was.


I was raised in my parents restaurant called ReLax with Lax and I learned how to cook as soon as I was able to reach the stove without a chair.


On Friday night, we spent going to the Synagogue called Neziner Synagogue on 2nd street and I would lay on the bench and look up at the ceiling at a painted hand representing the hand of G-d stretched out and blessing everyone. I felt very safe and secure there. I would listen to the prayers and the song welcoming the Sabbath Bride and I would cry of happiness that Friday began the day my parents didn't have to work and we would spend the entire day of Saturday together.

I met my puppy-love crush there as well. In fact I grew up with my puppy-love crush. My mother's best friend was Golda Diamond. She and her husband Alter had 3 children the oldest was Alex, then Jackie and Linda. I fell in puppy-love with Alex. I guess I was attracted to him because of his intelligence and his passion for the Torah.

Jackie was the fun brother who always managed to get a fish hook caught in his pants when our families would go down to the lakes in South Philadelphia near the Naval Yard and go fishing.  Linda was the shy one who sat near her father and watched. She never said a word. My mother met Golda and her husband when they came over from   Auschwitz-Birkenau. Our family sponsored them after WW2 and got them a job and housing. My mother had my brother Mendy the same year as Golda had Alex. I was born the same year as Jackie. Linda was born shortly after. My father and Alter managed to get the Jews out of detention camps for displaced people and shipped them off to Israel and also to America after the immigration laws were lifted on the ban of Jews in America. My father also had meetings in our home and in the restaurant when it was closed with members of the Haganah and Micky Marcus all talking about the need of an army for the developing State of Israel.  My father and Mickey volunteered to train the new citizens of Palestine as an army. While my father was in Israel training an army, the War of Independence broke out May of 1948  right after my mother gave birth to Mendy. My father was in Israel fighting with the men he was training and Mickey was shot by friendly fire because he forgot the password of the day while he was coming back from relieving himself. After one year after the war, my father returned to America as one of the new Citizens of Israel and because my mother was married to him she was a citizen automatically. Being born to two Israelis made me at birth an Israeli. But that was never discussed at home. They just went back to their normal routine and I was born June 12, 1950. I was named after my mother's Grandmother who was beheaded in Alexandria, Egypt in the 1800's by Radical Muslims over a rumor that Jews use the blood of young Muslims children for making Matzo. 

In 1956, I started public school and was abused by a black teacher, Mrs Dorsey, who pulled my hair and threw me in a dark closet because I was a white privileged child who father and mother owned a business. This is all I am going to say about that subject. Hatred comes in all colors, all forms of life, and cultures. My brother Mendy saw Mrs Dorsey do this, pulled me out of the classroom, brought me down to the nurse, and then to the principal's office where they called my mother and father. I was picked up and taken to the doctors. I had a concussion and my scalp had patches of hair missing and was bleeding. I never returned back to that school.

At 6 years old I attended Hebrew school at Temple Beth Zion. I flunked because I was bored. Yet, I spoke Arabic and Hebrew to my grandmother Bluma. 

When I was 6 years old, the neighborhood changed from Jewish to Polish. We had our windows broken, swastika's drawn on our walls, and my brother Mendy and I were attacked by Polish children. The one bike my parents bought for my brother and I used was stolen. The broken windows happened every Christmas and every Easter. My father went to the Polish Church and sat during an Easter Service. It was said over and over "Jews killed our Lord and Savior. It is the Jews fault". After the service my father walked over to the priest of this Catholic Church and gave the priest a bill for painting our property, the broken windows, and medical expenses. This was White Supremacy against Jews. This hate was never left in Poland even after they knew and were forced to see what the German and the Polish Nazis did to mankind.

President Eisenhower did nothing to relieve this hate and he was a Republican who brought the Nazi Scientists and their families to the United States but had restrictions on Jewish immigration.   

Many of the Republicans feel General Patton was the greatest General ever but they forgot Patton was an Antisemite.  

In a letter to General Eisenhower discussing a report by Earl G. Harrison, the dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Law whom President Truman had sent to inspect the camps, the incensed president noted that: 

"[W]e appear to be treating the Jews as the Nazis treated them except that we do not exterminate them. They are in concentration camps in large numbers under our military guard instead of SS troops. One is led to wonder whether the German people, seeing this, are not supposing that we are following or at least condoning Nazi policy."

Patton responded in his September 15, 1945 diary entry:

"Evidently the virus started by [FDR’s treasury secretary Henry] Morgenthau and [financier and presidential adviser Bernard] Baruch of a Semitic revenge against all Germans is still working…. Harrison and his ilk believe that the Displaced Person is a human being, which he is not, and this applies particularly to the Jews, who are lower than animals."

He went on to complain that the Jews had “no sense of human relationships” and lived in filth like “lazy locusts.” He wrote:

 “I know the expression ‘lost tribes of Israel’ applied to the tribes which disappeared – not to the tribe of Judah from which the current sons of [expletives] are descended. However, it is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe – lost to all decency.”


In another appalling diary entry, dated September 17, 1945, Patton writes about taking Eisenhower on a tour of a makeshift synagogue set up by survivors to commemorate Yom Kippur:

This happened to be the feast of Yom Kippur, so they were all collected in a large, wooden building, which they called a synagogue. It behooved General Eisenhower to make a speech to them. We entered the synagogue, which was packed with the greatest stinking bunch of humanity I have ever seen. When we got about halfway up, the head rabbi, who was dressed in a fur hat similar to that worn by Henry VIII of England and in a surplice heavily embroidered and very filthy, came down and met the General…. The smell was so terrible that I almost fainted and actually about three hours later lost my lunch as the result of remembering it…. Of course, I have seen them since the beginning and marveled that beings alleged to be made in the form of God can look the way they do or act the way they act.

Patton not only showed utter contempt, even hatred, for Jewish survivors, he also expressed a kind of admiration for the Nazi prisoners of war under his watch and bitterly criticized attempts to bring Nazi leaders to justice for war crimes. When Eisenhower visited him, Patton spoke of his plans to convert an empty nearby village into an American concentration camp for Jews. When Eisenhower finally fired him, it was no surprise that Patton blamed the Jews and the  Communists for his problems.

This is how the rumor started all Jews are Communists from General Patton a Republican.

From my personal experience and from my families experience of learned hatred in this country, I have learned this experience has made me a better and stronger person. This is why I am against Trump's Wall and against the hatred shown by the Republicans on any religion that is not the Good Christian religion. The meer fact they say they are Good Christians means to me they are hiding their hatred.  

US Congressman  Vincent Ross Spano a Republican is 100% against Immigration.  Vincent Ross Spano  is a "Good Christian" .  Vincent Ross Spano  sat behind Loretta Miller at a Lake County Meeting and called her a Dirty Christ Killing Jew  C*NT, Is this who you want Representing you in office?



1957 to 1967

In 1957 my fathers business was steadily growing. There was a rumor of a crosstown expressway that was going to split Center City Philadelphia and South Philadelphia. My parents did not know if they should up grade Relax or not. My Grandma, Bluma, had a live chicken store across the street and every Friday we had a chicken in her home for Sabbath. Our routine from the time I was a toddler was to follow my father around the dinner table singing. His favorite song was the Yellow Rose of Texas. He would wear his top hat and lead my brother and I in a happy skip. 

When I was 7 years old, Grandma Bluma gave me a little chick. Little did I know my chick was going to grow up to be a big goose. I named her Mini. When Mini was a little older and followed all over, my Grandma made a leash for her and I walked Mini up and down South Street. My neighbors had me timed when I was coming and everyone fed Mini. Mini got big and fat and when she saw me coming home from school she would honk with happiness and shake her head in an up and down fashion talking to me.  One day, when I took Mini for a walk, it was on a Friday and getting close to sundown, my Grandma was waiting for me so she could close the Chicken store and put Mini in her coup. I got yelled at and Mini went after my Grandma for yelling at me. Mini was protecting me like a good Goose. Because of this, my Grandma told me I was not allowed to take Mini out again. I was busy with school and it was the weekend, I figured I would give Grandma Bluma a few more days and she'll forgive me. That Friday, the week after I was yelled at, I went the last time to Grandma Bluma's home for dinner. She brought into the dinning room this huge chicken. My father said the prayers and my brother wanted the leg and bit into it. He said Grandma this is the best chicken you ever made. My Grandma looked at my mom and said "Yes Mini does taste good." I got up from the table and cried. I never went back there to eat again. From that day on, dinner had to be in our home only. 

My Grandma never was really able to make that up to me and I took advantage of that for years. I wanted a dress, she bought it. I wanted my ears pieced she bought me the earrings. I wanted to go somewhere she took me. It was not that she didn't want to but to be truthful I enjoyed every minute I had with her. She would sit at her window of her home waiting for me to come home from school and wave me over to the door to come upstairs. One day, when I was 8 years old, I began spending more time with Grandma. She had retired from the Chicken Store and wasn't feeling well. I would bring her food and clean her home. One door was always locked and she never wanted to talk about what was behind it. I asked my older brother Sid if he knew, since he used to sleep there, keeping an eye on her. One day I was passing the her home she wasn't at the window. I went home got the key and told my mom I didn't see Grandma. She went with me and we found my Grandma on the couch and having a stroke. We took her to the hospital. She never recovered and passed away. 

My father was heart broken over Grandma's death and 1 year later when I was 9 he had a massive heart attack. He lived but was a ticking time bomb for the next one. He was taken to a recovery home in the Poconos and there his roommate turned out to be Meyer Lansky. He was visited by  Joseph Charles Bonanno Sr one of the bosses in the Pennsylvania area. My father became friends with Meyer and invited him to Mendy's Bar Mitzvah.

My Junior High was typical. I went to school I came home and we moved. We closed the Restaurant and my mother opened a store called Fay's Pic N Pay. I helped her after school but we still owned the property of the restaurant and my Grandma's chicken store property was left to Mendy and me. She also left us each $18,000.00 and in those days it was like a million dollars. I went South Philadelphia High School and my major there was Art. I loved drawing painting and I discovered sculpting. I made a bust. It was entered in a contest and I won.  

My mother wanted me to work in the medical field so I would meet a doctor. I attended Medical and Radiological Technology school in the evening. I graduated both High School and Technology school 2 days apart. I had skipped grades, my birthday was June 12 and Graduation was June 22, 1967. I had just turned 17 and was too young to be hired in any hospital. Even the art colleges would not accept me. That was until I got accepted to the finest Art College in the USA: The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Year Book High School Picture. Loretta was 16 when they took this picture.

Year Book High School Picture. Loretta was 16 when they took this picture.

My Israeli IDF  ID Picture

1968 to 1971

The question people asked in 1968 was "Who am I?" I was working in a hospital. I was attending College. I was lonely. My father had a heart condition. My brother Mendy went to Israel for a month's vacation and I was there taking care of my parents giving them half of my pay while living in a studio apartment that I subleased from a friend who moved to a house because she got married. All I had to my name was a old sofa couch that had a bar in the center. No TV. I spent most of my time at my parent's home. I cleaned for my mom and cooked my parents food. My father would tell me war stories and tell me who came over to visit him when I wasn't there. One day  he went to the bathroom and I heard him cry as he was urinating. I knocked on the door asked him if he was okay. He would say I'm fine but I knew he wasn't. I took him to his doctor and found out he may have prostrate cancer. It may have been too late to treat him or do surgery. We went to the VA hospital and they refused to see him since his "papers" were not in order. My mother had his papers. She took the papers out of her briefcase, slapped them on the desk with his discharged papers, and said your mind is not in order. He served his country now service him. The nurse said well the prostrate has nothing to do with his service. She squinted her eyes and that meant head for the hills and she said He got frozen toes from the Battle of the Bluge. Now fix his toes. They admitted him and the doctors told my mother he had a bad heart and clots which were caused by frozen toes. And did she know that he had a prostrate cancer that had to be treated immediately? He went for the surgery and they told us it did spread but his treatment will give him a few more months. Nine years later, my father died a few days before Thanksgiving. In 1976, after he surprised everyone his cancer was gone but his heart condition still was there.

I loved Art College but like I said I was lonely. My mother fixed me up with few men. None of them even held my attention. I was a member of Young Judea when I was in High School. I met so many people. Two really changed my life, Bibi and Yonny Netyanhu. Both had a smile that would melt butter. But I was to quote my mother "too picky". Yonny  left America to go into the IDF and Bibi was still in the states. He asked me out and since I was so young my mother said no.  He went on to go to MIT and Married wife number one, Miriam.  I went on with Young Judea and became a leader, even when I was in College. I took my group to the Yad Vashem  Memorial for prayer for the fallen from Nazi Germany. A man attracted me. It was Alex and he stood up with about 4 others speaking. This was in 1968. It turned out to be Alex Diamond. I kept looking at him and my YJ group began to notice my eyes staring at this man with a break in his glasses. They said Leah (my Hebrew name) is in love. I wasn't going to walk over to him but the my YJ group dragged me over to him. We looked at each other and he said Loretta? I shook my head yes and we hugged. That was my introduction to activism. 

I went to every demonstration after that. I was brought to the Philadelphia Union of Jewish Students office at the YMHA at Broad and Pine Streets and introduced to about 10 other activists. I attended their meetings and suddenly I was involved, gave ideas I had, and they acted upon them. Each person there had an "arrest record" for demonstrating excepting me. The Police Commissioner at the time was Frank Rizzo and he demanded a demonstration permit. I placed a bill into city council to remove the permit and it was passed. I suddenly became a hero. All we had to do was to go to the Round House and present them the information of the protest, parade, or anything when we needed the Civil Affairs Police. I began running the office and Alex was the Secretary General when I first got involved. He was voted in as the President and I was nominated as the Secretary General. I continued to run the organization, go to school, go to work, and take care of my parents. 

Alex and I decided it wasn't going to work between us. Alex's mother made it very clear to my mom she was going to match Alex up with a girl who was very religious and I wasn't her. I met Jay Blum. Jay was a medical student. A check for my mother's wish list. Jay was in love with me another check on my mother's check list. I liked Jay. My mother fixed me up with a Rabbi and the next thing I knew my parents signed a engagement contract and I was to be married in December of 1969. I had turned 18 in 1968 and my grandmother's money became mine and no longer held as a minor account. I was planning, ever since, to go to Israel for just a pilgrimage. I wanted to see everything but this engagement was not what I wanted. My parents had a dinner to celebrate my wedding which was in three days. I had packed my bags and I was supposed to bring them over to the Rabbi's home after work. Instead I went to Rosenblatt's Travel agency and booked the first flight out of the US to Israel. I had a flight leaving that day out of JFK. I took a limo from Rosenblatt's to JFK, gave them my passport and other personal information, and got on El AL. Fourteen hours later I was in Israel. 

Question was were to go? I remembered My friend Chickie (Elizabeth Schoenfield) had moved to Israel and I had been corresponding with her for years. I called her. She picked me up at a hotel in Tel Aviv and we drove to the Moshav where she was living with her husband, Chickie said I was more then welcomed to stay for a few days but I had to find my own housing. I left two days later and ended up living in Kibbutz Gersher Haziv. My first job was the turkeys. I cleaned the turkey coups. Then I was transferred to laundry duty, then to the tomato field. We worked so hard we missed dinner and I went to the eating hall and made food for not only me but for those I was working with. I made dinner. Suddenly I was taken out of the fields and brought into the kitchen. I was moved from the dorms and given a private home. I had to register with the Government that I was taking Ulpan courses to learn how to read and write Hebrew. (Remember I said I flunked out of Hebrew school in the first grade).  After six months of living in Israel I got a surprise present.  I found out I was an Israeli because my father fought in the War of 1948 and was married to my mother who kept supplying the Haganah with army surplus. I found out I was an Israeli and  I was thrilled! I got a letter on the 13th month I was there. It said: "Greetings" and I was called into service.