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Loretta  loves and respects our Veterans and feels they need special programs to re-adjust to civilian life and be able to obtain JOBS! Donald J. Trump is throwing our men under the bus.  Congressman Vincent Ross Spano,  a Republican, supports the unstable Donald Trump who decided to spy on our Disabled, which includes the Veterans who served our country. Donald Trump and Vincent Ross Spano want to bring forth Big Brother Watching. If you are disabled or if you are on a Disability or both, Trump has decided to have his Nazi spies watch you on social media.

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The article says:

 A new policy proposal by the Trump administration calls for the surveillance of disabled people’s social media profiles to determine the necessity of their disability benefits. The proposal, which reportedly aims to cut down on the number of fraudulent disability claims would, monitor the profiles of disabled people and flag content that shows them doing physical activities. When it comes down to it, the policy dictates that disabled people shouldn’t be seen living their lives for fear of losing vital financial aid and, possibly, medical care. 

Loretta wants to open two mini Veterans Hospital and Clinics in District 15 so our Hero's don't have to sleep in line on the streets of Jacksonville outside the VA Hospital.




I caught Dennis Ross with his hand in the pocket of the Federal Government. Let me refresh everyone's memory. I caught Dennis Ross using a Federal office, Federal Employees, and a Federal mailing informing people what he has done for the election. I went to the FBI in 2017 and he was indited under the Hatch Act. After being interviewed with the FBI, Dennis Ross resigned stating he was not going to seek another term and that  he needed to be close to his family. Dennis Ross used to be Disney's Workers' Compensation Attorney and handled changing laws so that the Tourist Industry, such as Disney, could abuse their employees and they would not have to pay workers' comp on injuries that were re-injuries stating it was preexisting even though the old laws stated that all preexisting conditions that were re-injured was covered. He also added the new law that strokes, even if caused by the employer in unsafe conditions, were not covered. Therefore, sun strokes are not covered and that the employer can keep you out in the sun without shade, without water, and the employer does not have to call an ambulance. This man hides everything and endangers Floridians lives.

His buddy, Vincent Ross Spano, was running for Attorney General when I went to a meeting at the Lake County Republican Tea Party Meeting. I had set up my table and about four people came up to me and told me they didn't want a "Dirty, Christ Killing, Communist, Jew C*nt in office". As I was sitting on the stage they had a minister who said a prayer every other word that came out of his mouth was "Jesus said this" and "Jesus told him that". I sat there thinking a moment of silence would be better and that they had no respect for anyone other then their own religion. I sat in front of a Vincent Ross Spano and I heard him trash the man who was sitting next to me because he was Italian asking him if he was part of the Mafia and then he started on me calling me a "Dirty Christ Killing Jew C*nt", a "Hymie" and a few other Nazi Antisemitic terms. They had started in the back and each person stood up said 2-3 mins of who they are and a back ground. Each person who was Protestant stood up and said what a "Good Christian" they were and so did Vincent Ross Spano. I felt since he was running for Attorney General he was not a threat to me so I did my best to ignore his antisemitic comments but it puzzled me how this racist could run for office as an Attorney General and Florida had a good concentration of Jewish Citizens. Two weeks later I found out he decided to run for US Congress and his best friend was Dennis Ross. It was too late for me to change my Party back to Democrat and if I did I would have to wait for 6 months to run. 

In the meantime Dennis Ross decided to retaliate against me by somehow instructing Disney into forcing my son to stand in the sun for 5 hours no water, no shade, and no breaks. They claimed they forgot him and they figured he liked being baked in the sun. I ended pulling out of the race because my son had three to six sun strokes and the big one came at the end. The Disney leaders refused to call an ambulance. My son never got workers compensation and they now want their "costumes" back that they refused to pick up when I asked them to do so. They want me to carry a large box filled close to 100 pounds to the Post Office for their convince. 

According to the Ledger, Vincent Ross Spano also did an illegal act by taking  loans from friends totaled between $45,000 and $150,000.00. This is according to his campaign finance reports and the disclosure form he filed a few days before the election and after he was caught. The amounts of the loans to Spano greatly exceed federal limits for campaign contributions. The Federal Elections Commission rules allow candidates to give unlimited money to their campaigns, but the contributions must come from personal funds. Spano turned loans from friends into campaign money, which violated FEC rules, an by doing this he lied on Ethics in Government Act Financial  Disclosure Act. This is how attorney's do things. 

What I understand is that Kristen Carlson, an Attorney and a Democrat who I was told is running against me, had already  collected over $50,000.00, is not registered as a candidate. That also is illegal. Kristen Carlson allegedly claims she went to the FBI as an after thought to report Spano after the election. This is a little too late if you ask me. If she was not watching her opponent, how could she watch your backs and represent you? If it was not for my son's stroke, I would have been up Spano's tuchas on his finances before the election and forced him to step down. This is your America not the attorney's America.

Folks we have 2 attorney's on both sides who think they can get away with illegal doings, just like Dennis Ross who hid his finances. You needed a fine tooth comb to find his financial hidings.

Do we want an Attorney who only fights for themselves and their friends or do you want to take the Peoples House back from these questionable candidates?

Crystal River Florida's Own CHERNOBYL



This is how Rick Scott struck to everyone in Florida. He said he didn't raise taxes but he allowed Duke Energy to charge you a asset tax for the rest of your life if you use Electric. I say everyone get solar panels and close down the electric companies in Florida Wonder how much they paid Rick Scott during his campaigns and under the table to stick it to Floridians I am calling for an impeachment of Rick Scott as a Senator. Remove all the Republicans in the State Government and revise this.

From: Consumer Contact <Contact@PSC.STATE.FL.US

To: 'LorettaMiller201@aol.com' <LorettaMiller201@aol.com>

 Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2019 3:08 pm 3/20/19

RE: Dukes

Dear Ms. Miller:

This E-Mail is in response to your recent inquiry to the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) regarding Duke Energy and the Asset Securitization charge.

In 2015, the Florida Legislature passed, and Governor Scott signed into law, Section 366.95, F.S., authorizing the issuance of nuclear-asset recovery bonds. Duke Energy filed its petition with the FPSC in July 2015, for approval to issue the bonds and to collect the nuclear-asset recovery charge on a per kWh basis from all customer rate classes over a period of 20 years. The nuclear asset recovery charge will be paid by all existing and future customers receiving transmission or distribution services from Duke Energy. The funds Duke Energy receives will allow it to recover its investment in the CR3 regulatory asset. In November 2015, the Commission issued a nuclear-asset recovery bond financing order, allowing Duke Energy to issue the bonds to cover the Crystal River III (CR3) nuclear power plant retirement costs.

On June 16, 2016, the Commission approved the issuance of $1.294 billion in nuclear asset-recovery bonds to cover the retirement costs of the CR3.

You may review all the information filed for Commission consideration in this matter by accessing the FPSC website at www.floridapsc.com.Under the Clerk’s Office tab at the top of the page, click on Dockets. Type in the docket number 150171. Click the Search button. Then select Document Filings Index for a list of all filings in the docket. This procedure allows you to view all of the information filed by the utilities and other parties in the docket.

FPSC rules state bills are not considered delinquent prior to 20 days from the date of mailing or delivery by the utility. If payment is not received by the due date on the customer billing, the utility must provide a five working day notice of disconnection prior to disconnection of service.

We forwarded your concerns to Duke and requested that a representative contact you regarding this matter.

Thank you for contacting the Florida Public Service Commission. I hope this information is helpful.


Diana Vizcarrondo

Regulatory Specialist II


Loretta for US House Representative in the 2020 election in the Political Democrat Party