Gun Control and Parkland Florida

 It takes me a while to digest what has happened in Parkland Florida. I have many friends who live there and their Grand- children went to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I know Parkland since that was one of the great Cities I was going to settle in with my husband But we settled in Royal Palm Beach and after Jordan died I moved to Wellington. It was a shock to me that a Man not a child can walk in with a assault riffle he bought when he was under age and kill people This was premeditated, planned out hate. This has nothing to do with gun control since their are gun laws banning guns in New York City and yet there are criminals who buy guns on the Black Market. There are guns still out there that Obama, Clinton and Holder through out during the Fast and Furious and never recovered. That our own government supplied the Black Market and Terrorists. Guns did not hold themselves and press the trigger, people do. 

Children get killed by drunk drivers, by kitchen knives, by parents beating them to death, by strangers kidnapping them and torturing them. But that is never mentioned because some of our representatives want to take away your self defense just like the Nazis in did in Germany. Many Jews and Christians were forced to give up their guns by law and the Germans Nazis hauled them off to concentration camps. 

 This does not stop terrorist from killing our children in schools. They can plant a bomb in the school yard. There is no law against pressure cookers when one exploded in Boston. No one has presented a law that states if you purchase a pressure cooker you have to register  it or when you buy knives. Many people who live in Europe and in Africa who have been stabbed to death, I don't see Our Congress screaming about that. Or dump trucks which stood on the rail tracks and cause trains to crash and derail No one screams about that.

I went down to my old home in South Florida. I went to several funerals. I went to homes where they sat Shiva and I cried for those who are injured and prayed for those who died. But we can not bring them back. We need to remember them and not forget what has just happened.

This was a hate crime. This is a declaration of War on We The People. Our Liberal Communists who want to enslave us by taking away our defense and as soon as our defense is removed we become helpless like those who were ushered, pulled out of their homes by their hair and the world sat there helpless and watched genocide. All your congresspeople who are screaming gun control all carry concealed weapons. Let them be the first to give up theirs. 

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