I have to withdraw do to health reasons. I had 2 things happened to me  last year which I thought I would be able to overcome which did not happen. I had been caught with a very poor landlord who patched not fixed and violated fire codes.  

My shoulder was injured during a blackout. The emergency lights did not turn on because they were broken I tore 3 rotary cuff tendons and had surgery in November to repair them   

The second injury was a ceramic soap dish which was not properly placed on the wall. That dish dislodged and fell on my foot breaking 4 toes and causing a blood clot. I had to get the clot removed from my foot  and my toe was amputated. Now I was told a 2nd and maybe a 3rd one will have to be amputated, I can not walk and I am now totally disabled. 

I believe District 15 deserves the best representation. That is why I am endorsing Alan Cohn 



 In 2020, we have the chance to give America an incredible gift: a political revolution that will make American government work in the interests of people, not big-money donors and corporations.

The establishment is doing everything they can to stop us, but if we stand together in solidarity we can’t be stopped. 


 I went to Cracker Barrel on Thursday after the doctors for my foot, Ashley recognized me and   asked to take a picture Of Course was my answer. When I get into office I will be working for you. I will not be an untouchable 


Federal Holidays


February 17th

Presidents' Day for the year 2020 is celebrated/ observed on Monday, February 17th. President's Day, also known as Washington's Birthday, is on the third Monday of February each year and is a federal holiday in the United States.


1) Big tech

  Vote and support to break up the giants of the tech industry with an ambitious proposal that would bar them from forming anti-competitive mergers or competing on their own platforms 

2) Green New Deal

Vote to  support  the Green New Deal, the sweeping climate and energy stimulus package that includes a refresh of many Obama-era ideas, such as raised emission standards and tax credits for electric cars. 

3) Medicare for All

  Medicare for All, a national, single-payer healthcare system that would do away with private health insurance. This would include Senators and Congresspeople so it that guarantees better coverage for all

4) Tax policy

  Vote for a 3% tax on billionaires that estimates would raise $2.75 trillion over a decade and go toward subsidizing childcare, student debt, and healthcare 

5) Free College Tuition on State Universities

These are the first five (5) issues We the People want. There are other issues. We need to take action on those Republicans who have removed all laws, rights they have taken away including freedom of the press, freedom of speak and freedom to practice your personal life choices including religion, including sexual preference. 

Some of the other issues:

Affordable housing and Rent Control (Rent is too high for properties the Landlord do not upkeep but increase the rent)

Campaign Finance Reform

Civil Liberties

Criminal Justice Reform

Economy and Jobs


Sensible Gun Control


LGBTQ/Marriage Equality

Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid should be expanded, and that prescription drug prices should be reduced) 

Native American Issues

Renewable Energy

The “war on terror”

Veterans & Armed Forces

Wall Street Reform

Women’s Rights


I am running against a open racist Republican who sounds like Heinrich Luitpold Himmler, the Reichsführer of the Schutzstaffel, and a leading member of the Nazi Party of Germany. Only Vincent Ross Spano is the Himmler of his Reichland in Florida Congressional District 15.

Spano and his followers proclaim they are not Nazis, yet in the past have called me Dirty Christ Killing Jew Cunt, Hymie and Kike. Then told me I misheard. Being called a Kike , a Hymie and a Jew Cunt is not a mishearing. #MEJEW

  He had appeared before a synagogue in Lakeland Florida and before that took Jewish money to travel to Israel on a "Fact Finding" Vacation.

Spano stood in front of the US House of Representatives, which is suppose to Represent everyone no matter what they believe or not, and wants to pass laws which the Christian Church will enforce the questionable Laws of Ministers, Pastors and others in saying their G_d told them. These "religious" people don't hear voices, they lie to you. They tell you Jesus told them to hate other people as a way to control you through their religion and then they speak about how peaceful their religion is and what "Good" Christians they are. So according to them, it is okay to hate and kill others in the name of their religion and G-d.

Rick Wiles, who Spano sounds like, declared that Christians in America have been enslaved by the Jews: "You're goyim slaves and I'm trying to provoke a goyim uprising." Spewing that Jews, who are now classified as Irgun Americans and Zionists, should be removed from the United States. Hitler and Himmler both wanted to remove Jews from Germany. That removal was called the Final Solution called Genocide. The Murder of millions of people, mostly Jews, German Liberals (Democrats), and the Communists or force them into slave labor until they died under the same lies Spano and Wiles spew in everyday life. 

However, Spano stood in front of Jews in a Synagogue in Lakeland Florida Temple Emanuel and spewed lies that he was behind Jews because a Jew is running against him and reporting the truth.

The Republican Jews are brainwashed. They claim before during and after World War II the Democrat Party was anti-Semitic. Both Parties were anti-Semitic. Both Parties had members of the Nazi Party and KKK Members in them. In fact Trump's father, Fred Trump, a Republican, was a member of the KKK/Nazis, marched in Jamaica, New York, and protested Jewish Merchants. Fred Trump made his money with his mother in brothels through rentals. 

That was their real estate, the Trump prostitutes of Trump's empire.  

These Ministers, Pastors, and others are the "Puritans" of today's society and escaped Europe since the Kings and Queens were forcing their religion on their ancestors. Now, these "Good" Puritan Christians, who hate Jews and any one who is not part of their religion, want to purify America with the blood of Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Latinos, People of Color, the LGBTQ,  the Native Americans, the  Asians, and anyone who is not Aryan. 

Listen to these video below then click the link to donate.

There should be a separation of Church and State . Spano wants the Church to run the government. Spano is part of the Nazi Movement  The MAGA Hat Wearers.

 Rick Wiles, who Spano sounds like, declared that Christians in America have been enslaved by the Jews: "You're goyim slaves and I'm trying to provoke a goyim uprising." 



Two new complaints filed against Ross Spano


Tampa Bay Times


William March: Two new complaints filed against Ross Spano

Published Aug. 6

Two new complaints have been filed against Rep. Ross Spano, R-Dover, alleging that his 2018 campaign is continuing to violate federal law by failing to return contributions it knew were illegal.

The complaints were filed by the same person who filed an earlier complaint to the Federal Elections Commission concerning the allegedly illegal contributions themselves, Jan Barrow, president of the Lakeland Democratic Women's Club.

Her new complaints went to the FEC and the Office of Congressional Ethics, a non-partisan body established by the House to review allegations of misconduct by members or staff. The OCE can investigate complaints and refer them to the House Committee on Ethics.

The complaints arose because from June-October 2018, Spano borrowed $180,000 from two friends, Carey Carreno and Karen Hunt, and then, on dates roughly corresponding to those loans, he in turn loaned $167,000 to his campaign, which he reported as coming from "personal funds."

Campaign finance law says a candidate can give or loan his campaign any amount of personal funds. But a loan from a friend or relative for the purpose of providing money to the campaign is considered a contribution from the lender and is subject to contribution limits, which were $2,700, said Adav Noti, a former FEC assistant general counsel now with the non-partisan Campaign Legal Center.

In a Nov. 30 letter to the FEC, sent after the Times reported on the loans, Spano's lawyers said he "believed he was acting in full compliance with the law … based on consultations he had at the time," but then learned that the contributions "may have been in violation" of federal campaign finance laws."

Spano says he has since repaid Hunt and Carreno with the proceeds of a bank loan to himself. His personal financial disclosure shows a December, 2018 loan of up to $250,000 from Center State Bank.

Noti said a bank loan can be a permissible source of campaign funds, depending on the loan terms. But Spano's campaign has not reported receiving the proceeds of the bank loan nor repaying Hunt and Carreno, and Spano has not filed legally required FEC forms detailing the loan terms.

The complaints cite the letter from Spano's lawyers to the FEC as evidence that he knew at least by November 2018 the loans were illegal contributions.

Under federal law, the complaints say, if a campaign learns it has received an illegal contribution, it has 30 days to "disgorge" the contribution by returning it to the donor.

The OCE complaint alleges that Spano knew all along he was violating the law, saying, "It appears that Rep. Spano … engaged in a fraudulent and reckless scheme to funnel contributions well in excess of federal limits to his own campaign."

Barrow said she is "just an individual citizen that is sick and tired of politicians getting away with things. I want an integrity-filled person representing the constituents, and I don't think Ross Spano is that person.

"I think he is making a calculated decision that this will get swept under the rug or nobody's paying attention. I think he had full intent of doing it."

She noted that Spano, a lawyer, initially ran for state attorney general before switching to the Congressional District 15 race.

"You can't say on one hand that you're a lawyer and run for attorney general and say your experience (in the state Legislature) prepares you to serve, and then say you didn't know the law," she said.

Spano campaign spokeswoman Sandi Poreda responded via email Monday that the new complaints "are obviously politically motivated," referring to Barrow's political activity.

"The FEC is looking into the situation with the loans and as soon as they provide us with guidance, we'll know what steps to take next."

Spano didn't respond to a Times request for comment, but told a WFLA-TV interviewer Sunday the accusation that he purposely broke the law is "absolutely false," citing the letter of admission his lawyers sent to the FEC.

"I made an honest mistake. … When I found out about the potential problem, I immediately self-reported … to the FEC," he said. "Now we're working with the FEC to make sure we're in compliance."

Barrow said she emailed the OCE complaint Saturday and the FEC complaint was due for Federal Express delivery Tuesday.

Local Republicans on shootings

Hillsborough County Republican Party Chairman Jim Waurishuk's Facebook post Monday in the aftermath of the weekend's mass shootings: "Democrats do pray … they pray for violence, devastation, & destruction of mass shootings! Why? For the sole purpose of Fundraising!!!"

On Facebook, the comment got about a dozen "likes" and at least one angry, obscene response.

Democratic Chairman Ione Townsend responded, "Democrats do pray — we pray for peace, we pray for unity, and we pray that Republicans will stop this hateful rhetoric."

Meanwhile, in a Brian Stelter tweet, CNN blasted 49 Republican Congress members, including Hillsborough Reps. Ross Spano and Vern Buchanan and Sen. Rick Scott, for refusing to go on air Monday to talk about the shootings.

Contact William March at