Let me give you some background information. My birth name was  Loretta Lax I was born to Fannie Velder and Morris Lax. I had 2 brothers. Sidney  who passed away, Emanuel Lax who is still living and is married to Carole  Glatter.  I am from Philadelphia. I lived in Israel for a time and I came  back because of my fathers sickness. My father died of prostrate cancer and a  heart attack. My mother and my brother Sid was stricken with lupus and died I  married the love of my life Jordan M. Miller a Veterinarian. I was introduced to  him through my mother who had Jordan timed and would go out side to sweep the  sidewalk and she literally swept him into the house. I fell in love with him at  first sight. We were married February 4th, 1978 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were  married for 26 1/2 years.  Jordan passed away October 18, 2003 in my arms. We had a  son Marcus , born on March 12, 1979 who I am very proud  of. 

Pets, Business and Politics


My father was an US Army MP during World War 2. My mother  worked for the Philadelphia Naval Yard and assisted on many war fund raisers for  our boys overseas. My older brother Sid, served on the USS Saratoga as the top  chef during the Korean War. My husband was in the US Army Air Force as a  Veterinarian during the Laos War. My Nephew followed my father's footsteps to  become an MP during the Cold War and was there when the Berlin Wall came  down.

  I was happy running an Animal Hospital in Philadelphia and I  expanded it from a Mom and Pop Business to a multi Doctor Practice. Then it  became the year of the Animal Activist who are the extreme Left of today  destroying businesses, spreading fake news, and terrorizing families. We were  attack by these activists for 3 years and eventually won all the lawsuits they  charged us on the streets because the two kennel people who caused the death of  a dog were fired. 

How I got involved in Philadelphia Politics? There was a  special tax the South Street Business Association wanted to place on the  residents within a 5 block radius south of South Street. They wanted the  residents to help pay for private clean up of their commercial area because it  was a tourist area and the city raised their fee for this service. I worked with  my husband at my side to stop special taxes from the commercial areas of  Philadelphia from affecting the residential areas and keep Real Estate  Residential Taxes down in Philadelphia so that the Commercial South Street would  not have to pay higher taxes because of them. I also was the PR person for the  late Senator John Heinz in Philadelphia. A neighbor decided to run for council  person and asked me to help him. I campaigned for him and ran his office and  that was when I became his campaign manager of not only him but others who were  running. I handled three campaigns at one time.

I Believe


I believe local businesses  should create jobs in a safe environment and not discriminate against a person  if they are disabled or because of the color of their skin, their sex, sexual  orientation, or religion. I believe every immigrant who comes to the USA should  be given free English Classes. I would like to see all illegal aliens who have  been here in the United States, as good citizens without affiliations with gangs  or an police record, to have the opportunity to become legal Citizens and have  the American Dream offered to them like they offered my Grandparents and no  longer be in hiding. I want to work for you and with you to make a Better  Working America and for those who are disabled a better medical system. We need  to create more and better living wage jobs, improve our schools, and make public  safety by draining the swamp at the top a priority and ridding the leaches at  the top of the food chain. With nearly a decade of government experience, I know  what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies,  and get things done."