I am running for Florida US Congressional District 15 against Dennis Ross who has done absolutely nothing for District 15 and it is time your voices are heard in Washington. I have spoken to groups  in Lakeland  and in Tampa about several issues of importance.

 I think one of the most important issue is you may be friends with a congressman but if he hasn't done his job he must go.

 The major issues which have not been addressed are our homeless, our Veterans, our elderly our homeland security and medicare. These issues must be address. 

 if you  donate , you will really make a difference in Washington DC . Please donate to my campaign. I will work to shake up the way things are being done in Washington. We are in a fight for the future of this country we love. Knowing good folks - like you - stand with me gives me the energy to keep fighting. 

  Sometimes when you fight, those who disagree with you begin to target you. I was made a target just recently by a new group who wants the US to give them the South East coast states as a   reparation which isn't going to happen. As well as they claim I am not Jewish and my DNA as well as my Rabbi and the State of Israel says I am. They went as so far as to say because I have blue eyes and blonde hair proves to them I am not Jewish. There is no law against stupidity. But that was rather Racist coming from a Black Man who claims to be a radio host, who screams everyone is a racist but him.  Even though I have been attacked and criticized because I am Jewish and a woman that will not stop me.for fighting for you and Making America Great

I need your help. I do not like having to ask folks for their hard earned money. But unfortunately, that's the only way I can run a campaign to continue to Take Back The Hill and clean the swamp as well as the sex abusers which are in both parties. Anything you would donate today will help a lot. Please click on my donate button and donate.

Please remember $55 and more I will send you the red Take Back The Hill hat 

Thank you for your help. I can't do it without you, and I can't tell you how much it means to me 



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