We Love Loretta, a caring Democrat

Additional Information

Loretta is a Democrat and the one person who will go to Congress and work for everyone, not special interest groups. She has spent half her life standing up to Corrupt Republican Politicians, religious right extremists, and powerful corporation interest groups as well as fighting to level the playing field for middle and lower classes, the unions, and working people. 

1.We need to make Florida Blue Again!.

2. We need to expose the hidden taxes the Republicans have placed on gasoline and utilities. 

3. We need to expose the Nuclear Power Plant in Crystal River, FL which had a melt down and the Republicans have totally ignored it and shoved it under the rug. Meanwhile, the Energy Company, Duke, who owns the plant are charging the citizens for the clean up and their faulty construction. Like Disney, these Utility companies received Federal grants while taking short cuts in construction and paying off politicians. Loretta can not be paid off! 

4.We need to make public college tuition free for existing constituents in their state. 

5. We need to place in non-tourist jobs in Florida, especially Congressional District 15, with real salaries that are equal to union jobs or take away the Right-to-Work and make Florida a Union State. 

6.Florida needs to welcome in Unions so Floridians can live a decent life at decent pay as well as decent hours and the business are force to follow HR Laws.  Her Political views are to protect ever citizen in America not just one special interest group. 

7.We need to take America back for the Middle Class and raise the Lower Classes to Middle Class. No one should be poor and uneducated in America. 

This is a grassroots team powered by people like you, 

8.And we need your help !  The Election in 2020 is an important one!

$10. a month will go a long way. Let us take that one step together to Congress



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