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Loretta Will be at the Meet and Greet.

 Come and say HELLO!

Buffalo Wild Wings January 15,2018

I am with Loretta event

Buffalo Wild Wings JANUARY 15 2018

I am with Loretta event 

Come one, come all to our Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings between the hours of 11:00 am till 11:00 pm. 

It will be a delicious way of giving. 

You order, You pay and You gave.

Bring the children, your mother, your father, your friends for fun night out..

Buffalo Wild Wings has your favorite sports teams on their TV so you will not miss a play

3099 Formosa Gardens Blvd.,

Just Print this event page and bring it with you.
Say I am with Loretta

Loretta will be there between 4pm and 7pm

Buffalo Wild Wings December 11, 2017

I am with Loretta event

 Update : I want to thank all 150 people for coming to the first of many fund raisers, The next one will be in Kissimmee for those who live in district 15 and work for the theme parks and in Orlando. You don't have to be in district 15 to attend or to donate if you want Florida to be a better place to live with better jobs, Each bill I would vote for would be to make Florida the best state in the Union and I want you to be proud that you will have a Representative that cares unlike the present one

Buffalo Wild Wings December 11, 2017 

I am with Loretta event 

Come one, come all to our Fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings between the hours of 11:00 am till 11:00 pm. It will be a delicious way of giving. 

You order, You pay and You gave.

Bring the children, your mother, your father for fun night out..
Buffalo Wild Wings has your favorite sports teams on their TV so you will not miss a play

Location 2465 S Hwy. 27.
Clermont Florida

Just Print this event page and bring it with you.


Say I am with Loretta

Loretta will be there between 4pm and 6pm

What Happened

Get Rid Of The Drunks And Drug Addicted Politicians In Office

  President Trump delivered this message  today October 29,2017: 


I totally agree with the President and applaud him for his program ideas in stopping drug and alcohol abuse by the general population. But, I want to take this even further. I want all Judges, members of the House, and members of the Senate to be tested before cases, before walking into their offices, and before voting on a bill. We need to test them for alcohol and drug randomly. They can test me all they want because I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't take drugs. But do we know if Dennis Ross is addicted to alcohol or to drugs? We know he has had $5-600.00 lunches and dinners in California, Texas, Illinois, and Washington DC on your donations to his campaign and he listed each these as a fundraiser that has a bar. Maybe that is for raising his fund in his alcohol levels?  

My 2nd question is why is he campaigning outside of Florida? Why not keep the money in Florida and improve the economy here in District 15? 

My 3rd question is why did he spend over $30,000 in cell phone fees in one year? And if he included his calls where was he calling? He has a Verizon network which the coverage is supposed to be flawless in all 50 states, so Verizon tells us. Was he calling Russia? Someone ( the FBI) should look into his calls. 

My 4th question is why California? Was he visiting his friend US Congressmen Duncan Hunter, (R-CA) to discuss the relaunching of Congressional pressure on the White House to sell deadly drones to Jordan?  Hunter and Ross have been lobbying for this deal for almost three years now. Both want Jordan to obtain Reaper and Predator drones. Jordan has recently Pledged Allegiance to ISIS AND Dennis Ross claimed he stands with Israel. Dennis Ross either has no knowledge of what is happening or he is a liar. By giving Jordan the Reaper and Predator drones he insures attacks on Israel and in Europe as well as the United States like the terrorist attack that happened in Las Vegas. 


Dennis Ross has not spoken up about this assassination of the American People in Las Vegas but more and more video's on YouTube are coming out even with the FBI closing the case. The conspiracy is not with the people it's a questionable act of others in "power" to put the American people under control. It is not a Democrat or a Republican Issue it's both. Both Parties lied and both Parties are involved. Just like the claim Obama took out Osama Bin Laden but refused to show the American People pictures of Bin Laden's dead body but the American People saw the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Like Hitler, Bin Laden has been spotted in South America. The problem is the American people are too busy trying to keep food on the table to know this. Keeping the people down is a method of control. You cannot run for office, you cannot voice your opinion at town meetings. Dennis Ross walked out of his last town meeting after people began asking him questions he didn't want to answer and said as he dropped his mic "I don't have to take this shit!"

Congressperson Dennis Ross claims to be a Tea Party Member but his spending of your tax dollars or your contributions to his campaign do not play as an example of what the TEA stands for: TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY. But Mr Ross has done nothing, not one bill to lower the Taxes. You are TAXED ENOUGH from Federal money with your jobs in Florida and in fact the entire United States is over Tax,  We need lower the taxes so you can bring home more money.  Congress voted themselves a nice raise.

" Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution. The Twenty-seventh Amendment (Amendment XXVII) to the United States Constitution prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives."

 But the part of DECREASES is totally ignored when the people are starving to death in the streets and people homes are being foreclosed on by the Treasury Department because they can't pay their taxes, while Mom and Pop stores close because of no business. I have visited a once gorgeous Historic Center City of Haines City this past week in Florida. I found 90% of the commercial stores where once Mom and Pop stores once flourished with  Hosiery, Hats, Greeting Cards, Bakeries, Butcher shops, Restaurants etc that once existed stand there empty. The Department store closed down. The place is a Ghost Town. But there was plenty of Attorneys who practiced foreclosure, divorce, taxes, DUI and other criminal charges. There was a jail, a huge Police department. The schools needed repair and are not up to date. And we wonder what in the world did Dennis Ross do other then build up Lakeland where he lives and forget Haines City?, 

But let's not forget Dennis Ross hides the fact he is an Attorney. So Mr Ross will look the other way since his Attorney Brothers are making money off of the poor people and they will add in their contracts: "If you can't afford their service monetarily then use your home as the collateral for payment". Then you lose your home because you can not pay them back and they lose the case. You lose and the attorney's win regardless. Attorney's own lots of land and homes from this addendum in their contracts. But if you become Pro Se, the attorneys feel you are stealing money from another attorney and so do the courts in Pro Se cases since all the Judges are Attorneys. You as a Pro Se are discriminated against by not only the Judges but also the Attorney's. Pro Se means you are your own attorney. You are representing yourself and no one can make a deal for you. The Attorney has to deal directly with you. And the Attorney's and Judges can talk to you anyway they please including calling you stupid, uneducated and illiterate. The Judges can have chamber meeting without you and discuss your case as well as the outcome without you. There has to be a Federal law passed to clear this up. There should not be a meeting behind closed doors without the presence of the Pro Se. The Judges are Public Servants also. When it comes to time of election and the Judges and Attorney's run for office they want you, to give money to them and suddenly you are smart, educated and very literate.

Dennis Ross thinks we the common non-attorneys are stupid, uneducated, and illiterate. He thinks we the common non-attorneys will not read what he has done. And 89% of the people don't even know who their Congressperson is. When I was at the Pig Roast this past Friday October 27th, 2017, I was asked who are you running against. When I mentioned Dennis Ross is your Congressman, they said they didn't know him or of him. One person said to me "Oh yes he was here last year and I can't stand him he was so nasty".

 I spoke with the Mayor Horace West  of Haines City at the Pig Roast and he stated to me Dennis Ross has done nothing. No Federal aid available for them.

They have homeless Veterans  and families roaming the streets at night in Haines City. The City is depressed and needs a Congressperson to give it the Federal aid it so desperately needs. A majority of the citizens living there have lost their jobs and can't find a decent job that pays a decent salary since Florida is a right to work state. It is time for Floridians to strike back and clean house. Take the broom from the ballot boxes and Vote these "representatives" out of office. A good starting place is with Dennis Ross.

I am running against Dennis Ross to make District 15 and all of Florida a safe, better place to live with jobs other than the tourist business. We have Foreigners who don't even live in this country buying vacation homes, renting them out for cash in their country, and stating they are homes their families use. We need to crack down on this practice and tax them. This will bring in missing revenue and the Citizens of the United States will pay less taxes because of the increase in revenue.

This is just a few of my plans to make America better. 

We must get rid of the drunks and the drug addicts that are Congressional House Representatives and Senators as well as the Judges out of office. We must put people in office who have common sense,  who will listen to YOU! You need someone who can run this government like a business, which this country is, and tell the attorneys in office: You're Fired!  All offices should have term limits. Yet, when this bill of term office came to the floor it was voted out. Your career Judge, Congressional House Representatives, and the Senators don't want to live like the rest of us in the situation of living day to day on your paycheck because they won't be able to buy the drugs or the alcohol they are addicted to.

To stop this in Florida District 15, You, my fellow Floridians my friends, need to vote me in. In order for me to be voted in, I need your support. I need $5000 to get my name on the ballot. I am asking you to donate as much as you can. 

Please remember In order to Comply with Federal Laws we must use our best effects to Obtain, Maintain and submit the name , mailing address , occupation and name of Employer of the Individual or mark it retired whose contributions exceed $200.00 per calendar year.

The Contribution or Gifts to the Committee to Elect Loretta Miller are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax Purposes and will be used for the Federal Election Campaign Expenses .