Who is Loretta?


"I come from a second generation of  Americans that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. "
I am an Middle  Of The Road Constitutionalist Politician who looks at both sides of the aisle. I was a Truman/JFK Democrat until I was told no you are not a Democrat you are a Republican spy. I really didn't feel I was a right wing person. I believe both sides have issues and need to put this hate aside and learn to work with each other. The People are who I will represent not the party. The Constitution and America I will defend. When elected, I will bring your ideas to Washington and before I bring my ideas to Washington, I will have a town meeting to discuss them with you. When a Bill is presented I will have a mail system which will reach you, explaining the Bill and  asking you how you want me to vote. You are my boss and I will be working for you. I will be the most transparent Congressperson District 15 will ever have. 

Everyone is protected under the Bill Of Rights !