Welcome To The Hidden Secrets of District 15

This is what U. S. Representative Dennis Ross District 15 along with his friends deny and don't want you to see

. At a Holiday party in Tampa, the first question I was asked was "The first day in office what are you going to do?" My answer was to look at everything Mr. Ross has not done that is on his desk. He said "Wrong answer"  He added that a river that was taken away from the Seminoles and became congestive with weeds which are killing the lifeforms and fish, I asked him since he was in charge of this project who use to weed the river in the past. He said the Seminoles. I said why not give them back that job. "Oh No," he said "we need to get a Federal Government Contractor to handle this and make it into a tourist area. If the Seminoles are in control then they will get all the tourist souvenir money And since I am in the Florida Souvenir T-Shirt Business I will benefit," I looked at him and said what about Jobs and the homeless Don't they even count at all.His answer was Oh you mean the bums in the streets, They can rent trailers. I looked at him and said where are they going to get money for that. His answer was they ar affordable housing. I answered him in order for the homeless to rent a trailer they need a Job In order for them to have a Job they need an address, In order for them to get food stamps they need an address. The Dennis Ross supporter answered me with this "I support Dennis Ross because he looks after me.  You aren't 


The Plight Homeless of District 15

These Constituents need Federal Aid just to live . Many of them are Veterans and the Disable. Their children have been taken away from them. But most of the Federal Aid has been drained by Refugees. Dennis Ross has looked the other way and placed blinders on his eyes pretending they are not here in District 15.

Homeless Children in Central Florida

RAW: Homeless camp on Florida Ave. emptied

This is how US Congressman Dennis Ross District 15 solves the homeless situation, Instead of helping them with Federal Aid  he allows his hometown Lakeland remove the last of their possessions

Destiny of Memories

 On my birthday June 12, I receive such a heart warming wish from  David Ramati .  He sent me a link to his story. I was touched. I lost so many high school classmates and college friends to the war in Viet Nam I began to cry when I watch his youtube .   I would like to share his youtube with you David Ramati you name and your memories will always be my thoughts. Thank you