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          ___  Campaign Finance Reform
         ___  Corporate Accountability
         ___  Disability Rights
         ___  Ending Washington Corruption
         ___  Climate Change and the Environment
         ___  Green New Deal
         ___  Gun Violence Prevention
         ___  Health Care
         ___  Housing
         ___  Immigration
         ___  Infrastructure
         ___  Jobs, Wages, and the Economy
         ___  K-12 Education and Teacher Pay
         ___  LGBTQ+ Equality
         ___  Marijuana
         ___  Medicare and Medicaid
         ___  National Security
         ___  Nuclear Non-proliferation
         ___  Opioid Crisis
         ___  Pay Equity
         ___  Prescription Drug Costs
         ___  Puerto Rico Recovery
         ___  Racial Justice
         ___  Reproductive Rights
         ___  Social Security
         ___  Student Loans and College Affordability   ___  Free Community and State Colleges
         ___  Taxing the Wealthy
         ___  Free Universal Child Care For Working Parents
         ___  Veterans and Military Families
         ___  Voting Rights
         ___  Wall Street Reform  

          ___  Cap Medical Insurance Costs Which Includes Pre-existing   Conditions 

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